Mismatched 'maids: Update

Warning: spoiler alert! As you may recall, I told you way back in December that I'd be letting my girls pick their own bridesmaids dresses.  I honestly thought it would be really easy for them to find a dress since I gave such a wide range of options but only half of the girls have found one and we're just over 2 weeks away from the wedding.  EEK!  However, the half that have found dresses are ah-ma-zing.  Take a look below to see how they all look together.  I'm in love!  Each one really fits the individual style of the girl wearing it and yet they somehow all work together.

I've given the 3 remaining girls until this Saturday to find a dress and send me a pic and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they find.  It was especially important to give them a deadline as I am not planning on having them carry bouquets during the wedding and the accessories I've already purchased for them should somehow look cohesive.  If after the other 3 have bought their dresses and I realize my original idea doesn't work out, I will have to scramble for a Plan B!

Mix or Match? {Bridesmaids' Dresses}

I’ve had a pretty clear vision on most of the details of our wedding, but the one thing I just can’t decide on is bridesmaids’ dresses. I have too many ideas and I can’t seem to narrow in on one. I love the look of mixed and matched dresses, but I also love the idea of selecting a patterned dress. I love the trend of neutral dresses, but I’m also drawn to gorgeous color. Too many options! I want my girls to be comfortable and feel great, while everyone still knows that they are my bridesmaids.

So, this is where you come in, blogosphere! I’ve put together boards of the few different directions I’m considering (the dresses are mostly just examples for now). Share your thoughts! I need the help!

1. Mix and match coral and peach:

Sources: coral & teal, coral & peach, one shoulder, embroidered, strapless, sleeveless, lace

2. Mix and match blue-grey, pumped up a bit with coral and orange accessories: 

Sources: grey girls, grey with yellow, mrs., baby doll, belted, sleeveless, lace Jewelry: 1, 2, 3, 4

3. Finally, I found this amazing dress that has both the peach and the blue, with a general light and neutral feeling. It comes in a few different cuts, I’m just not sure I want the girls in the same dress. It is super cute though, and definitely still on the table.

Sources: Whitney Deal 

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

{Trunk Shows} Sarah Seven

Trunk Show season is upon us! Definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Though there are so many wonderful shows this year, the most anticipated one of the season is from designer, Sarah Seven. For all of us Californians, this is a definite treat. San Francisco and Beverly Hills are never going to know what hit them once Sarah Seven comes into town. Each show will feature her bridal and special occasion line.


{January 29-30}

Bella Bridesmaid San Francisco

2250 Union St, Suite 1B | San Francisco, CA 94123


{February 6-7}

SLS hotel in Beverly Hills

By appointment only | Please call Jenny at 661.633.2318

I stumbled across Sarah Seven is 2007 or maybe the beginning of the 2008. I was so very obsessed and have continued to be since that very moment. I can't believe how far she has come and how each dress seems to get more and more amazing. I can't wait to meet her in San Francisco at the end of the month, and of course I am dying to stop by her showroom and will do so next time I am in Portland (which believe it or not is kind of often.) One of my favorite dresses (and one that would make an amazing bridesmaid dress) is below. Enjoy.

I will also be at the San Francisco Bella Bridesmaid on Saturday January 29th for the trunk show. Comment below if you are planning to go as well, I would love to see all your lovely faces!

If you just can't get enough of all this pretty (and I know I can't!) make sure to check out the Sarah Seven website and shop it up!

{Bridesmaid Cental} Picking the Perfect Dresses

Ahh the bridesmaids. You don't want them to look better than you, but they can't be looking bad either. With current budget trends, bridesmaids are less willing to spend the once normal pricetag of $200+. That leaves the bride shopping for great style on a tiny budget! I'm here to tell you that it can be done! The dress I wore to Lizzie's wedding was actually from Forever 21! Yep, I fully lucked out. So did the other girls too, lots of the dresses were from H & M or express with a simple 2 digit pricetag. (Mine was only $19. Score!) I actualy found the dresses my bridesmaids are wearing from H &M for just $30 a pop! They were exactly what I was looking for with the pricetag to match. So, it really can be done! Here are a few of my fave dresses that I would love to see as BM dresses! They are both a little bold and both a little unstructured, and best of all, they are both statement! While you may be falling in love as well, these are both from J Crew with a larger price tag than your party may want to spend. Use this as inspiration and shop places like Forever 21 and H & M to find something similar.

{Source: First Dress, Second Dress}

Here are a few ruffle options. Two of these are $20 dresses and the other 2 are a bit more pricey. I personally love that black number.

{Source: Black Dress, Purple Ruffle, Gray Dress, Blush Ruffles}

Ok, I admit I went a little crazy with the J Crew options here, and if you are looking for budget dresses then I apologize. They are just so pretty and so perfect for BM central! These two are a bit more structured and chic, but I love them just the same. These would be gorgeous at an old barn wedding with some ultra-chic decor.

{Source: Dress 1, Dress 2}

Don't get discouraged with the bridesmaid dress shopping! There are tons of options out there. Send some inspiration photos to your bridesmaids and have them do the search for something in their budget. This is one thing you can relinquish control on because as the bride, you have a lot of things to focus on other than finding your girls dresses! But at the end of the day, great looking bridesmaids will only enhance your look and make you stand out amongst the already great style of your girls!

Anyone else out there have bridesmaids dresses picked out??? Post some photos on the Engaged & Inspired Facebook page so I can see! :)