Mismatched 'maids: Update

Warning: spoiler alert! As you may recall, I told you way back in December that I'd be letting my girls pick their own bridesmaids dresses.  I honestly thought it would be really easy for them to find a dress since I gave such a wide range of options but only half of the girls have found one and we're just over 2 weeks away from the wedding.  EEK!  However, the half that have found dresses are ah-ma-zing.  Take a look below to see how they all look together.  I'm in love!  Each one really fits the individual style of the girl wearing it and yet they somehow all work together.

I've given the 3 remaining girls until this Saturday to find a dress and send me a pic and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they find.  It was especially important to give them a deadline as I am not planning on having them carry bouquets during the wedding and the accessories I've already purchased for them should somehow look cohesive.  If after the other 3 have bought their dresses and I realize my original idea doesn't work out, I will have to scramble for a Plan B!