Ralph Lauren Inspired Engagement Shoot

This could quite literally be a fashion shoot if you ask me. These outfits are just so fabulous. You'll be spending the next bit of time gawking over these details, the collection of found items and the beautiful florals!


From The Photographer: "High School sweethearts, Brooke and Trevor are more of a real life Ken and Barbie than just about anyone we've met. But what is even more amazing than this couple's looks is their love for each other. Recently married, we decided to give them a post-wedding shoot to continue to showcase the love story that is only continuing to develop. Styled by Kaleb Norman James Design, this Ralph Lauren, prep-inspired shoot began with the couples love for fashion and all things Americana. We wanted the overall feel to transport you to a Hampton's manor home, complete with manicured gardens, sparkling silver and old world touches like the reclaimed trunk, vintage trophies and candelabras. Many of the items such as the fabric spools, flag and trunks were sourced from Snohomish, a local town, minutes from the location full of antique stores. We wanted the items to be authentic and original to the location we were shooting in and we couldn't have found more perfect items. We chose to work with purple florals, which might have been rather unexpected, due to Ralph Lauren's signature Purple Label line- a nod to his glamorous 1920's inspired designs."

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Photography: Daniel Cruz Photography Styling & Floral: Kaleb Norman James Design Model's Dress: Rachel Zoe Groom's Suit: Gucci with Zara Jacket Venue: Private Residence - Snohomish, WA

Forest Engagement by Wai Reyes Photography


Who knew you could find such a serine forest in the middle of southern California? Wai Reyes Photography did a fabulous job capturing these two and their love. And her outfit selections? I die.

Tincup_Forsberg_Wai_Reyes_Photography_0005_low Tincup_Forsberg_Wai_Reyes_Photography_0006_low Tincup_Forsberg_Wai_Reyes_Photography_0009_low Tincup_Forsberg_Wai_Reyes_Photography_0011_low Tincup_Forsberg_Wai_Reyes_Photography_0012_low Tincup_Forsberg_Wai_Reyes_Photography_0013_low Tincup_Forsberg_Wai_Reyes_Photography_0016_low Tincup_Forsberg_Wai_Reyes_Photography_0018_low Tincup_Forsberg_Wai_Reyes_Photography_0023_low Tincup_Forsberg_Wai_Reyes_Photography_0027_low Tincup_Forsberg_Wai_Reyes_Photography_0033_low Tincup_Forsberg_Wai_Reyes_Photography_0040_low

From the Photographer: For a couple who lives by the beach, a serene engagement session in a tranquil, woodsy area is what Brittany and MJ had in mind. Upon our first meeting, I was immediately informed they don't do PDA well and an engagement session might be difficult for any photographer to shoot ;) So we opted for a secluded venue where I captured these two being themselves: goofy, funny and best of all, just happy being together. No props, just them, and their tiny photographer. Bride stands at 6ft tall, and groom is about 6'4" :)


Oregon Rock Climbing Engagement Shoot

Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_2_low The fabulous Jamie Jones Photography captured this adventurous couple perfectly. I'm loving all the gorgeous shots, these awesome outfits and this totally awesome couple.

Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8235_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8193_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8154_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8139_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8113_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8108_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8087_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8049_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8037_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8036_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG7799_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG7751_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG7669_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG7571_low

What an adventure this shoot was! I made my way down from Portland Oregon to Bend Oregon where I met this amazing couple at their home to go over clothing ideas and then we drove to rock climbers heave Smith Rock. Chris and Julia share a deep passion for rock climbing and really wanted to incorporate it into their engagement shoot. Eastern Oregon has such an amazing climate and landscape for shooting, which made this shoot so awesome. in every shot you can just see how these two adore each other and truely love spend their time together. I loved being able to photograph them not only a portrait type way but also in a very journalistic way too:)

Nevada Engagement Shoot by j. anne photography

Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195087_5N5A5397_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195088_5N5A5407_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195089_5N5A5417_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195101_5N5A5507_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195104_5N5A5526_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195105_5N5A5527_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195106_5N5A5534_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195121_5N5A5571_low From The Photographer: Amy and Micah are planning a destination wedding in Las Vegas, NV. Not a drive-thru... or a little white chapel... but a gorgeous wedding at a golf resort. They were in town for a planning session with their designer, and a visit to Micah's Grammy. So, we opted to have a quick mini-engagement session before they headed back to Arizona. For us desert rats it was an extremely cold day, but Amy and Micah rocked it, nonetheless. :)

Photographer:  j. anne photography
Makeup Artist:  Your Beauty Call


Sweet Engagement Session

I have a super fun engagement shoot to feature today. It is so sweet with so many personal details. And make sure you check out her shoes. They are to die for. Thanks to AE Pictures Inc. for capturing this couple in such wonderful light! Perkins 1 Perkins 2 Perkins 3 Perkins 4 Perkins 5 Perkins 6 Perkins_KraushaarEngagement_AE_Pictures_Inc_0511JenKent091_low copy Perkins_KraushaarEngagement_AE_Pictures_Inc_0511JenKent421_low copy Perkins_KraushaarEngagement_AE_Pictures_Inc_0511JenKent442_low Perkins_KraushaarEngagement_AE_Pictures_Inc_0511JenKent475_low

From the photographer: The couple got engaged at Disneyland and wanted to incorporate a "storybook" theme into their shoot. I had the couple bring several of their favorite books to use as props. One was Thundercake so I made a cake to match the one in the book.

Woodsy Engagement By Annie Agarwal

Engagement session is such a fun time for us bloggers and wedding planners. So many gorgeous couples being shot with such excitement for their upcoming nuptials. The sweet  Annie Agarwal Photography does such a fabulous job with this gorgeous couple and a wonderful sunset. McNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal101_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal184_low copyMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal138_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal107_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal123_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal127_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal170_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal182_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal250_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal186_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal254_low

From the photographer: "Melissa and Ben are an incredibly laid back and carefree couple who genuinely love one another, which is so evident in these images. They scoped out a variety of locations, but fell in love with the simplicity of this large field on the side of the road! We spent our morning laughing and chatting, as they nuzzled in to one another to capture this sweet season of their lives. Melissa and Ben will be married in a backyard affair this summer."