Oregon Rock Climbing Engagement Shoot

Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_2_low The fabulous Jamie Jones Photography captured this adventurous couple perfectly. I'm loving all the gorgeous shots, these awesome outfits and this totally awesome couple.

Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8235_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8193_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8154_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8139_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8113_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8108_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8087_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8049_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8037_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG8036_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG7799_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG7751_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG7669_low Scheri_Duke_Jamie_Jones_Photography_IMG7571_low

What an adventure this shoot was! I made my way down from Portland Oregon to Bend Oregon where I met this amazing couple at their home to go over clothing ideas and then we drove to rock climbers heave Smith Rock. Chris and Julia share a deep passion for rock climbing and really wanted to incorporate it into their engagement shoot. Eastern Oregon has such an amazing climate and landscape for shooting, which made this shoot so awesome. in every shot you can just see how these two adore each other and truely love spend their time together. I loved being able to photograph them not only a portrait type way but also in a very journalistic way too:)