Woodsy Engagement By Annie Agarwal

Engagement session is such a fun time for us bloggers and wedding planners. So many gorgeous couples being shot with such excitement for their upcoming nuptials. The sweet  Annie Agarwal Photography does such a fabulous job with this gorgeous couple and a wonderful sunset. McNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal101_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal184_low copyMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal138_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal107_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal123_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal127_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal170_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal182_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal250_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal186_lowMcNeal_Cock_Annie_Agarwal_Photography_mcneal254_low

From the photographer: "Melissa and Ben are an incredibly laid back and carefree couple who genuinely love one another, which is so evident in these images. They scoped out a variety of locations, but fell in love with the simplicity of this large field on the side of the road! We spent our morning laughing and chatting, as they nuzzled in to one another to capture this sweet season of their lives. Melissa and Ben will be married in a backyard affair this summer."