Nevada Engagement Shoot by j. anne photography

Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195087_5N5A5397_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195088_5N5A5407_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195089_5N5A5417_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195101_5N5A5507_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195104_5N5A5526_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195105_5N5A5527_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195106_5N5A5534_low Minaudo_Crist_j_anne_photography_195121_5N5A5571_low From The Photographer: Amy and Micah are planning a destination wedding in Las Vegas, NV. Not a drive-thru... or a little white chapel... but a gorgeous wedding at a golf resort. They were in town for a planning session with their designer, and a visit to Micah's Grammy. So, we opted to have a quick mini-engagement session before they headed back to Arizona. For us desert rats it was an extremely cold day, but Amy and Micah rocked it, nonetheless. :)

Photographer:  j. anne photography
Makeup Artist:  Your Beauty Call