12 Things You'll Regret Not Having On Your Wedding Day

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With all the planning that goes into your wedding day, it goes without saying that you'll want it to be one of the most amazing days of your life. However, there are so many different pieces that make up the big day, it's easy to get bride brain and forget something that may make a huge difference. Well put those fears aside, brideys - we've compiled a list of 12 different things that you might regret doing on your wedding day in hindsight.

1. Not having a videographer. They don't come cheap, but a professional video of your wedding day will be something you'll treasure forever.



2. Not having all photos that your guests take at your engagement party, bridal shower, wedding day, and all your other special events! (Psst…Wedding Party is perfect for this!)

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Wedding Party

3. Not having an open bar - trust us on this one.

open bar

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4. Not doing personal vows, or personalizing your ceremony in any way. This day should reflect your uniqueness as a couple and your relationship!

personal vows

Tammy Horton Photography via Style Me Pretty

5. Not wearing comfy shoes for the reception. How are you supposed to enjoy the reception when your feet are killing you?

comfy flats

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6. Not feeding your guests at the right time. This one isn't obvious, but it's important! You don't want guests to be drunk or too hungry during key parts of your reception. Grumpy or uncomfortable guests will have a hard time paying attention to toasts or meaningful speeches.

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7. Not putting a limit on who can give toasts at your wedding reception, or putting a limit on how long those toasts can run. While a few heartfelt speeches are important, nobody likes sitting through too many long and rambling ones!


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8. Not after-partying with your closest friends/bridal party after the reception. You may be tired, but your friends and family want to party with you!

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Kaitie Bryant

9. Not discussing with your photographer all the photos and wedding details you want him/her to capture. If you don't communicate the must-have photos, you may end up disappointed when you get your photos back!


Anna Delores Photography

10. Not getting your makeup/hair done for your wedding. What better time than your wedding day to pamper yourself and get your hair and makeup done professionally?

hair and makeup

Kaitie Bryant

11. Not doing a morning of gift for your bride/groom. It's a meaningful way to connect before you get to see each other at the wedding ceremony, and chances are you're going to treasure that gift forever.

wedding day gifts

Kaitie Bryant

12. Not getting ready with your bridal party the morning of the big day - getting dressed up with your girls is always fun, so why would you skip out on some quality girl time before you get married?

getting ready bridesmaids

Kaitie Bryant

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