The Bachelorette Party (Part One)

Bachelorette party #1* was last weekend and it was incredible. I'm still laughing when I think back to all of the shenanigans that occurred that night.  My soon-to-be sister, Karin, organized the party with my Vienna crew and she did an amazing job, especially considering that we're in Austria and the types of parties we're used to in the US are not the norm here. Planning a Bachlorette party soon? Here are some adorable invitations to get the gals ready for a festive night.

One of my favorite things that I was gifted has to be this black ''Bride to Be'' champagne flute. It is so sparkly in person and I'm not ashamed to admit that I used it to drink a glass of wine the other night just because ;) My other favorite item from the party has to be the ''Here Comes the Bride'' canvas tote. Again, Karin had such a cute idea and had all of the guests write a message and sign the bag for me. I love it!


If you're wondering how much fun I was having, I think this picture will give you an idea :)

By the way, the dress I was wearing is from Asos and can be found here.

I had an amazing time at my party. It felt wonderful to be surrounded by friends I adore and to just let loose and celebrate...and to not stress or worry about every little wedding planning detail. Thanks to everyone that made it happen!  I hope everyone enjoyed (or enjoys) theirs as much as I did!

*I am a lucky lady and get to have TWO bachelorette parties. This one was here in Vienna but I will also be thrown another one in Arizona next month after I've moved back :)