Bachelorette Weekend {Girls Just Wanna Have Fun}

We are just 9 days away from the wedding and there is so much going on right now it's unbelievable. But let's just take a minute to focus on something fun, not stressful (like our rehearsal dinner caterer canceling on us 10 days before the event!!) Tomorrow I'll be heading up to Healdsburg to spend the weekend with 7 amazing women. Drinking wine, eating great food, relaxing by the fireplace. They each mean so much to me and have supported me through different periods in my life. I am so excited to get away with them for my bachelorette weekend!

C Magazine, photo by Lauren Ross

We rented a house in the Alexander Valley, just a few minutes outside of downtown Healdsburg. We're surrounded by wineries, so we'll spend our Saturday walking to a few wineries and tasting all that the Alexander Valley has to offer. We'll cook together and laugh together, and most importantly I'll have a chance to reflect on what's coming in the week ahead and refocus, now that I'm done doing the balancing act between work and wedding.

  Top left: Haute Living; Top right: Brides, photo by Amanda Marsalis; Bottom: Inspired by This, photo by Caroline at Tiny Water

I love these girls and am inspired in unique and beautiful ways by each of them. I hope that this weekend will honor every one of them, and kick off my wedding week with a bang!

Inspired by This, photo by Caroline at Tiny Water Photography

Is there anything particularly awesome that we must make sure to do this bachelorette weekend?

Only one more post to go. Eek!

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

This past weekend marked our negative one year wedding anniversary! So far our engagement has flown by and I have a feeling that the next year will fly by even faster. With 362 days and counting until our wedding, it is definitely time to nail down a destination for our bachelor/bachelorette party. Having friends spread out across the country, we decided that a joint bachelor/bachelorette party would be a great way for everyone to meet before the wedding. Attending our friends’ combined bachelor/bachelorette celebration in Mexico a few weeks ago (with fellow bride blogger Rachel!) has only solidified this further. Austin is at the top of our list so far.

Sources: 1, 2, 3, & 4

I hear Austin has an amazing nightlife, music and food scene. Plus, it's central location will hopefully make it easy for everyone to get there.

Sources: 1, 2, & 3

Another front runner is Palm Springs.

Sources: 1, 2, 3, & 4

Pretty hard to beat a weekend lounging by the pool with your favorite people in the world.

Sources: 1, 2, 3 & 4

Of course we have tossed around the idea of Las Vegas as well.

Are you planning or have you been to a joint bachelor/bachelorette celebration? Any cool (easily accessible) destinations I should also look into?

not wed yet {the bachelorette party}

I cannot believe my bachelorette party is this weekend!!! My maid of honor, Monica, has been planning for months to coordinate what she affectionately calls, "the best bachelorette party EVER." Here's what I know about the weekend: we rented a house with a swimming pool and outdoor bbq in beautiful Santa Barbara, we are going wine tasting; hiring a driver of course, and we are going out for a night of dinner, drinks and dancing on state street (I think). Regardless of what we end up doing, I know I'm going to have the time of my life because I'll be surrounded by over a dozen of my favorite girlfriends. This post is dedicated to what I'll be wearing this weekend. I already have both dresses picked out, but figured I'd throw some inspiration your way for those of you brides-to-be out there who still need to shop for your last "fling before the ring" attire. ;-)

Since we'll be spending one of the days out in the sun wine-tasting, it's important to have a casual, but fun and flirty sun dress. Here's some inspiration below.... BTW I found/bought that turquoise necklace online for only $40!! In person it looks like it is worth hundreds! What a find!

photo credits: left, top-right, bottom-right

And for the night we hit the town I envision myself in a white & sexy little number. FYI, I bought the BCBG dress on the left. LOVE it!

photo credits: left, middle, right

Here's some inspiration from my last bachelorette party fashion post:

And finally, here's a sneak peek at my party invitation (Monica knows me so well).... and a shot of me wearing the fabulous dress I recently bought- that one will be for the wine-tasting extravaganza. OOOOH, I'm so excited!!!!!

photo credits: invitation &  Taya's Dress

What do you have planned for your bachelorette weekend? Are you doing something local or traveling somewhere new? Would love to hear your fun stories!

The Bachelorette Party (Part One)

Bachelorette party #1* was last weekend and it was incredible. I'm still laughing when I think back to all of the shenanigans that occurred that night.  My soon-to-be sister, Karin, organized the party with my Vienna crew and she did an amazing job, especially considering that we're in Austria and the types of parties we're used to in the US are not the norm here. Planning a Bachlorette party soon? Here are some adorable invitations to get the gals ready for a festive night.

One of my favorite things that I was gifted has to be this black ''Bride to Be'' champagne flute. It is so sparkly in person and I'm not ashamed to admit that I used it to drink a glass of wine the other night just because ;) My other favorite item from the party has to be the ''Here Comes the Bride'' canvas tote. Again, Karin had such a cute idea and had all of the guests write a message and sign the bag for me. I love it!


If you're wondering how much fun I was having, I think this picture will give you an idea :)

By the way, the dress I was wearing is from Asos and can be found here.

I had an amazing time at my party. It felt wonderful to be surrounded by friends I adore and to just let loose and celebrate...and to not stress or worry about every little wedding planning detail. Thanks to everyone that made it happen!  I hope everyone enjoyed (or enjoys) theirs as much as I did!

*I am a lucky lady and get to have TWO bachelorette parties. This one was here in Vienna but I will also be thrown another one in Arizona next month after I've moved back :)