Transportation Situation

Among the many decisions that need to be made, we need to decide on which sort of vehicle we're going to stick our guests into on their way to and from the wedding. A bus, a boat, a wagon? And how much do these buggies cost? The main problem is that although you only need the thing for an hour or two, you have to rent it for the entirety of your wedding. So you're mostly paying for someone to sit and read a book, which is a bit depressing for a bride on a budget (unless it's a good book). However, seeing as this isn't a dry wedding, we want our guests to be safe, and it's important for us to provide transportation.

The thing I think most people who provide transportation do is charter a bus. The advantage to this is the comfy seats, temperature control, and the restroom.


Another option, that was something fun some friends of ours did at their recent wedding, was charter a school bus! This is more affordable than the charter bus option, and maybe a bit of fun nostalgia for the guests. But, no bathroom on board, and everyone still wants to sit in the back.

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One thing we briefly considered, which is SO PERFECT for a San Francisco Bay Area wedding, is chartering a converted cable car! It's so fun for a warm summer evening, and gives all of your out of town guests a really fun memory. Plus, it adds a little personality to something you're spending money on but will quickly be forgotten by most.

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We can't decide between the charter bus and the school bus. The ride will only be about 20 minutes to the first stop, maybe 40 to the last stop, so people won't have to be on the bus for long. Would a school bus be totally fun, and easier on the wallet to boot? Or are the luxuries of the charter bus worth the extra expense?

Furthermore, what do Kyle and I leave in? For a long time we dreamt of driving off in a motorcycle with a sidecar. But since you can't rent those, they're expensive to buy, and it'll be cold (!), we will likely have to drop that dream. But I'd love to leave in a vintage car of some sort. Isn't this so romantic?

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What transportation did you use/are you going to use for your wedding? Has anyone had any transportation nightmares? And what did you and your hubby drive off in?