{His Ring} He Doesn't Want to Wear One

The hubby-to-be is a simple guy when it comes to fashion. Put him in a nice pair of jeans (Joes are his current faves) and a well cut, v-neck t-shirt and he's a happy camper. Accessories? You can forget about that...his only accessories are a belt and a pair of sunglasses.  He does not wear (or own for that matter) a watch, bracelet, ring, etc. It's just not his style and I'm okay with that...Well, I thought I was until it came time to discussing his ring.  We talked about whether or not he ''has'' to have one (um, YES!) and then whether or not he ''has'' to wear it (the jury is still out on that one). When we went ring shopping for him, my poor guy was visibly uncomfortable.  Having something on his finger felt so alien to him.  Every sales person told him ''Don't worry, you'll get used to wearing one'' but that did little to calm his fears.  To be honest, I thought I would like seeing him with a ring but it looked a little funny and so not ''him.''  I'm hoping that was just because we haven't found the right style for him yet!

After a lot of thought, we decided that he will get a ring, if for no other reason than to have something to exchange during the ceremony.  Then, he'll give it an honest effort to try getting used to wearing the ring.  If he still hates it after a while, I think I'm okay with him not wearing it. So, the next step is:  we need a ring!  Knowing that there's a good chance it may not get worn often, we don't want to spend too much on it.  We've done some browsing on Overstock.com and think the four styles below might be worth trying.  Bonus:  They are all priced well under $100.  It doesn't get much better than that!


An added bonus is that our photographer, Trevor Dayley, takes really gorgeous ring pics.  We definitely want to have something for him to shoot, even if it ends up being mainly for show. A few of my favorite ring shots of his are below...aren't they fabulous? I can hardly wait for ours!

One part of me doesn't care if Christian chooses not to wear a ring.  I don't believe that it will make us any less married or that it means he is not committed to our relationship.  If he doesn't like wearing a ring, why should I force him in to doing something that he is uncomfortable with?  However, the other part of me thinks it would be really nice to have an outward symbol of our love and unity for all the world to see.  I am not one of those girls that thinks any random guy with a wedding ring is sexy but I can imagine getting butterflies when looking at my hubby with a ring, THE ring, on his finger :)

So ladies, what do you think?  I've read some pretty emotionally charged posts on forums about this issue and it seems like many girls have struggled with the same thing. I'd love to hear your thoughts!