The Wedding Night

Okay, so I really need your help on this one. Don't worry, it's nothing creepy, despite the title of this blog. From everything I can tell online, there is NO consensus on this. So please share your thoughts and experience with me! This past weekend, we went to look at the second of two hotel room options for our wedding night(s). There are some very obvious differences between the two, and an equal amount of pros and cons.

Actually, let me back up. After talking with friends and family, Kyle and I decided to wait two days before leaving for our honeymoon. I've been told stories of excessive exhaustion on your wedding night, and the need for a full day to recover. Beyond that, the majority of our guests are coming from out of town, so we'd love another chance to see them! So we're planning on getting married on a Saturday, then leaving for the honeymoon on Monday. Really, what we're looking for is a post-wedding/pre-honeymoon mini-moon! We don't want to stay in our house, because we stay there every day. We don't want to stay in an airport hotel, because it's far away. So we're looking for a place to stay that's close to the wedding and in one of our favorite places.

We quickly narrowed it down to two specific rooms in two specific hotels. Both equidistant from the wedding, but both with very different personalities. The first one is a suite at Water's Edge Hotel in Tiburon, CA. It sits right on the San Francisco Bay, with sweeping views of the water and the city. It's one of our favorite views of all time.


Fireplace, deck, lots of natural light, separate from other rooms, and right next door to the potential after-party bar, allowing us to hang out and then leave whenever we want.


The deck is partially shared with other guests, smaller room, more expensive, if the weather is bad (which it very well may be!) the view is useless, and we would have to drive to meet friends and family as there isn't much to do or eat in town.

The second one is a suite at the Mill Valley Inn in Mill Valley, CA. It's enormous and in one of our favorite towns! It would be a great spot for the guys to get ready too.


Huge suite, private deck, top floor, and it's in the middle of a great town with tons of food and entertainment options that we love, meaning we could walk everywhere we wanted to go during those 2 days.


No fireplace, some of the other rooms look straight at the deck, there are other rooms below, a sliver of a view of Mt. Tamalpais, and a couple miles from the other potential after-party bar.

Really, it comes down to this... in the days following your wedding, is the romance of the room itself more important? Or is the location and time with out-of-town guests more important?

We are seriously torn on this and would love, love, love to hear your ideas and experience!