Save The Date Stamping Inspiration

A few people have asked me about Save The Date cards, so I thought I would gather together a few goodies that I sent over to one bride a few days ago. It might just be me, but I am crazy obsessed with stamping. Not only is is actually cheaper than printing, but it adds something extra awesome to any invitation or paper product. When I was sending her these options, I was looking not only at design, but the variety of placements for the stamp as well as how to wrap it up all pretty.

You can't go wrong with Kraft paper. You just can't. Notice the circular edges to make it a little something extra special.

This could possibly be my favorite little bunch ever. Custom muslin bags are amazing, or a little bit of confetti fits perfectly to make an amazing little bundle of awesomeness for those guests that will be receiving these. Neither of these were stamped, but they do provide some amazing stamp inspiration in terms of font and placement. Such as the above, it would be so simple to get a "Save The Date" stamp, then create a stamp with your names and wedding date that could be repurposed throughout the event as a common theme.

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So there you have it. To be honest, I didn't even bother with Save The Dates. My wedding wasn't quite big enough to warrant sending out all these cards, not to mention, I was in no mood to design, stamp and send them all out alone. I know, I'm being such as wedding grinch! I will say though, I absolutely love them and I love receiving them, that was just one of those expenses that got cut in order to afford some other fabulous things. It is all about figuring out what is important :). Just a little note for you budget brides out there.