time to accessorize {2 month mark}

Whenever I find myself wondering where should I be in the planning process I refer to Brides magazine. In every issue they have a countdown, and so far it hasn't failed me. At the 2 month mark it suggests:

  • discuss ceremony readings and songs with officiant... check! We'll be doing that next week
  • Check your state's requirement for a marriage license... need to do this.
  • Mail the invitations.... they're arriving THIS WEEK! woohoo!
  • Do a hair and make-up trial.... need to schedule, and at least I know who I'm using ;-)
  • Order or make the favors... oye, this will be a task.... stay tuned for a future post on this one.
  • Accessorize your look!

The last bullet point is what I'm doing today- accessorize your look! Check out some of my inspiration!

A little clutch to hold gloss & other make-up:

Diamonds vs. crystals.... who can tell the difference? Either way, both of these chandelier earrings are fabulous:

Since I'm not wearing a statement necklace, I think a statement cuff will do.... especially one like this!

Belts and sashes are very in this season. Although I'm not wearing one, I really love these:

So brides-to-be.... how do you plan on accessorizing your look??

unique & crafty gifts {bridesmaids}

Having just participated in my best friend's wedding, I am very present to how I would like to thank my bridesmaids for being in my wedding. Shana (the fabulous Maui bride from last week's post) gave us the most darling gifts. We all got monogrammed totes- mine has my future initials on it :) within the totes were goodies like a magazine, a beautiful necklace, and a fun kimono robe to get ready in- which made for great photos of all of us together. Here are some items that inspired me online, which I'll likely end up gifting to my lovely ladies.

Source: one, two, three (from left to right)

Source: Etsy.com

Source: top, bottom

Source: left, right

Source: Etsy.com

Source: one, two, three (left to right)

And for those of you ladies who are looking for a cute and easy DIY tutorial on making personalized bridesmaid hangers, CLICK HERE!

A little update on my planning: next week I'm going out with my wedding planner, Linda, to look at linens and flowers!!!! Stay tuned for a fun report on that soon :) HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!! xo, Taya

Dapper Dude {your best man}


(typically of a man) Neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing.
When brainstorming what I should write about today it occurred to me that I haven't mentioned Vinnie's attire yet. He recently locked down his Bachelor Party, (which is in Austin, TX by the way) and it made me think to make a little inspiration board for what he may wear on our big day. As I've mentioned before, we are a pretty classic couple; we love Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and the style of the 1950s & 60s. When it comes to our wedding I imagine Vinnie in a suit, not anything casual. I LOVE suspenders, and he looks pretty dapper (ala Mad Men) in a skinny tie ;)
What kind of look is your future hubby going for? Tux, suit, casual wear? Please feel free to share your ideas and inspiration!