Picking The Perfect 'Do

I am still coming down from the high of one of my best friend’s wedding this past weekend. It was amazing – I am actually kind of sad it is over! And I am hoping to share more details of her wedding in a future post. But this weekend did get me thinking about something that I hadn’t really thought about before – how am I going to wear my hair on my big day? I know that might be a weird thought, but all of us bridesmaids had our hair done this past weekend and several people asked me how I was going to wear my hair for my wedding and I had absolutely no idea!

For the last two weddings I was a bridesmaid in, I went with a high ballerina bun. I like that it is off my face, it’s fun and I don’t have to worry about wind or my very aggressive dancing messing it up.

And though I still love this look, I am not sure if I want it for my big day. Niall has said he wants my hair down (he also wants me to wear no make-up – obviously not happening!).

But I think my dress might look best with an up-do. And I also like not worrying about wind, or curls falling out (which is basically inevitable with my hair).

Any advice on figuring this out? Did you figure it out at your hair trial or know all along what you wanted?

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{Christina's Wedding} Updates

Hello everyone!  Yes, I'm alive...sorry for being MIA but it has been a crazy couple of weeks on this end.  My fiance and I flew from Austria to Illinois on February 20th, spent a few days with my family and then started the 3 day drive to Arizona.  We were promised by our contractor that the renovations to the home we bought in October were finished but had the extremely unpleasant surprise of arriving to a disaster zone.  We spent a few nights in a hotel, then a few nights on an air mattress in what was supposed to be the living room of our house, almost an entire week fighting with the contractor to finish what we paid him to do and also dealt with some lovely surprises with the home (ex: the sewer backed up into the shower drains and the AC unit broke the second day we slept in the house)...just to name a few things that went wrong.  Needless to say, I had zero time to think about the wedding during the last couple of weeks which stressed me out even more. However, I am happy to report that things are finally starting to settle down and I am slowly switching back to wedding mode.  My grandmother gave me some wonderful advice that really put things into perspective.  She said "Christina, you'll always have a house to deal with but you will only have one wedding!"  She's totally right and with only a month to go, I am glad she was able to snap me out of my funk.

I had my first dress fitting last week and that it went great!  My worries about not liking the dress vanished as soon as I put it on.  The fit was almost perfect and the dress doesn't even need to be hemmed!

I also had a 2nd hair trial before the fitting that went well but I'm not sure if it's the look I'll end up choosing.

If you remember, the hairstyle I chose for my 1st trial was this:

For my 2nd trial, we went for this look:

I liked the look in person but I am not sure if I will love the way it looks in pictures.  So, I plan on styling my hair like this before my next dress fitting and hopefully I'll finally be able to make a decision!

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{Bridal Beauty} Hairstyles

One of the biggest things left to cross off of my seemingly endless "to-do" list is to determine how to have my hair styled on the big day. Originally, I planned on a fabulous fishtail braid pulled off to the side (similar to the two pictures below). I think the braid looks soft and romantic but still a little edgy.

Back in October, I had my hair trial on the same day I went dress shopping so I was able to see how the braid looked with my favorite dresses. Well, as you might know, I ended up with a totally different style of dress than I'd originally anticipated.  Unfortunately for me, my beloved fishtail just didnt look right with the dress I ended up choosing. It was back to square one. My fiance has always said he loves it best when I'm wearing my hair in a ponytail so I've started looking for some pony options that might work for the wedding. My question is, is a ponytail too "everyday" for such a big occassion?

As an alternative to a ponytail, I have also really started to like the look of small headbands paired with high, messy buns like the pics below. I especially like the double or triple band styles and I think it would be easy to find some dressier headband options.

A last option I am considering is a version of a down do. I really love the side swept waves in both of these pictures but I can imagine being worried all night that my hair will "fall" and that the style will be flat and lifeless by the end of the night. That's definitely a hair dont!

You may have noticed that I am not looking at any down do's...I really wish I could but the back of my dress just BEGS for an up-do or at the very least, for a bare back. How did you wear or how are you wearing your hair to your wedding? Any advice for a girl like me who's struggling with narrowing down her options?

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Desperately Seeking Hairstyle

I have always thought I'd wear my hair down for my wedding.  I wear my hair down 75% of the time, and I want to look like myself on my wedding day - except a little more fancy!  But then I think, will I be too hot dancing?  Will my hair flower look okay?  I bought earrings (that okay, now I'm not feeling so sure about) but if I wear my hair down will they be totally hidden?  I also like a few lowdo's, but I think they look cool from one angle, but plain from the next.  So, will I hate half the pictures?

I'm torn between wearing my hair down and wavy like this:

 or this (which I love so much I'm tempted to go back to my natural color):

Or curled in a low do on one side of my head...

Here are a few more hairstyles I have pinned that I really like.


 Simple side ponytail:


Or this intricate twisty updo

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I bought a tulle birdcage veil, that I'm not entirely sold on.  And a hair flower that is fairly large, that I really LOVE, and am definitely wearing!   I can't show you though, since my fiancé could see it.  Which hair style do you like best?  How did you wear your hair on your wedding day?  Did it take more than one trial to find a style you loved?  I'd love to hear your experiences!