Swarovski Elements Wedding Directory + Contest

So, we all love Swarovski right? I mean, how could you not? If you are a bride who wants a little bling on your wedding day, you'll be excited to hear that the Swarovski Elements Wedding Directory is now your go to spot to find a lot of bridal designers who use their coveted crystals. This directory is filled to the gills with pretty, seriously, trying to pick which pieces to showcase here was so hard. Just a take a look at some of these designs, of course, go poke around the Wedding Directory for yourself.

Jennifer-BehrJennifer Behr

Want a chance to win something sparkly? Head over to the Swarovski Elements Facebook page, pick what you like, and pin it with hashtag #somethingsparkling ! Today is the last day to enter, so go fast!

Nailed It!

My close friends know that I'm a wee bit obsessed with nails (I'm guilty of having a nail polish drawer...which houses approximately 75 nail polishes). I probably own every color in the rainbow (in matte and glossy, natch!), and I've been known to paint my nails upwards of three times a week. That being said, my wedding day nails have been on my mind big-time, and I'm not about to go "classic red" or an Essie pale pink. Throughout this process, I've been trying to focus on what feels like me rather than obsessing over the entire wedding looking "timeless"--heads up, no wedding is timeless because it's one day long. Here are a few nail looks that I'd totally rock on my wedding day. Which is your favorite?

Source: all images via my Pinterest beauty page


Getting the Glow: Bridal Hair and Makeup

Let me just start this post by saying one thing: FOUR MONTHS. AHHHH! Now that that's out of the way...on to one* of my latest obsessions:  bridal hair and makeup. For makeup, I've hired the amazing Audrey Crandell, but I haven't quite found the perfect hair stylist. I'm planning to keep my hair and makeup elegant, sophisticated, and not too fussy. I know I want a hair comb, so for hair, I'm loving vintage-inspired updos, with some movement. I'm also finding myself drawn to makeup with dark (but still natural-looking) eyes, and kissable lips. (And obviously, I'd like to look like a celebrity. Please and thank you.) Here are some of my favorites.

*Please don't ask my fiance Mark about bridal headpieces or he may have a complete breakdown...sorry honey! Pretty sure that I have looked at thousands at this point!

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-11hairscarlettmakeup


Polish Perfection

All I can think about are pretty, polished, shiny nails this week! I love when brides go bold and pick a bright shade. It makes me think the bride is fun and laid back. And, then again, there's nothing like the perfect, classic nude to let your dress take center stage.












While I plan to go neutral for my own nails, I'm thinking it would be really fun for my bridesmaids to do bright colors - best of both worlds!

Will you be going for a bold or nude hue for you big day?

Taming the Locks

This week I'm trying to find a hair stylist in the small town where we'll be getting married. And while looking for someone, I've been searching for a lot of inspiration. I've known from the beginning that I want to wear my hair up - but that was about as much as I had decided. Source: left, right



Source: left, right

Source: left, right

It looks like I'm drawn to styles that are soft, romantic, and a little messy. :-)

Which one is your favorite? Did you know from the beginning how you wanted your hair?

Bridal Beauty {resolutions}

Happy New Year! I've never really been one for serious New Years resolutions because I try to make little resolutions all year long. I already work out on a regular basis, drink lots of water, and make healthy food choices (most of the time ;-), but in these last seven-ish months leading up to our wedding I definitely want to step it up a notch. When I'm dancing in my wedding dress, I want to know that I gave it my all. So this New Year marks a chance for me to make some little resolutions so that I'll be the best version of myself by my wedding day.

Here are my bridal beauty resolutions...

Source: left, right


- Set ambitious, but do-able, fitness goals. My goal is 3-4 Dailey Method classes and 2 jogs per week. The Dailey Method is a similar workout to The Bar Method or Barre3. I started DM early in 2012 and was so thankful to finally find a workout that I enjoy this much. I love that it is always challenging, but, at the same time, you don't feel like you are beating yourself up. It feels healthy. And gives us ladies that long, lean, and strong body. I like to mix in some jogs for cardio and because it's something my fiance and I like to do together.


- More tea, water, and veggies. Less coffee, sugar, and starches. These are sort of on-going, but I will be making an extra effort to amp up the water and tea and cut down on the coffee and dessert up until my wedding. Also tipping the dinner plate in favor of veggies over starches and white breads. I know these aren't the most measurable goals, but I'm a big believer that you can have most things in moderation, so I don't like to set hard-and-fast rules when it comes to food.

- Take my vitamins daily. I have vitamins but I always forget! Keeping them at work and taking them right after lunch has proved to work pretty well for me recently. Vitamins are great for that glowing skin and hair.



- Facials. I'm going to schedule one this month to make sure I'm using the right products and then shoot for three, about once a month leading up to the big day. WebMD recommends scheduling your last facial no later than two weeks prior to your wedding day. I might have to throw in a massage for general relaxation :-)

If all fails, I'll be surrounded by some pretty awesome family and friends, and one wonderful fiance, and I think that's what really gives us brides our 'glow.'

Some healthy, glowing bride inspiration...




What will you be doing in the new year to make sure you are looking your best by your big day?

Choosing Your Wedding Hair Style

We are under 30 days for the countdown! Ahhhh!! If you've been following my Pinterest Wedding Board then you know right now I am obsessed with finding my wedding hair style!  I know I want a soft and romantic look but am not sure if I want it all up or part up. I have my hair and makeup trial on Tuesday and can't wait!

Here are some options I love:

Updo with Veil



Romantic Updo



Romantic Down Hair


romantic wedding hair


I love her hair and make-up! So soft and romantic!

Hair and Makeup


Until Next Week!


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the meeting of the mom's

I'm a family person, I always have been & always will be; it means everything to me.  It's not the old days where the parents meet at the wedding & exchange pleasantries but nothing more.  I want more than that.  My dream is to one day be one of those couples who have both parents visit for the holidays.  I'm lucky that both of our families raised us this way & that hopefully this dream will come true.  But first, the families need to meet!  I decided mother's first.  And, I couldn't think of a better event for them to meet than to go wedding dress shopping with me!  It gives the perfect backdrop: excitement, smiles, laughs (ok, maybe also some happy tears), and of course champagne!

Source (from top left): Westside Wedding, Bijou BrideIntimate Weddings, Wedding by ColorIntimate Weddings, PronoviasWhat Anna Lovesthemette

I had previously fallen in-love with this adorable vintage wedding dress stamp, so I decided to make invitations using it to send to my mom, future mother-in-law, and 3 of my local bridesmaids.

And this gave me the opportunity to try out this DIY faux calligraphy.

Source: Side by Side

 I've recently become obsessed with my embossing gun & this was the perfect time for me to add another project to the list!