Getting the Glow: Bridal Hair and Makeup

Let me just start this post by saying one thing: FOUR MONTHS. AHHHH! Now that that's out of the way...on to one* of my latest obsessions:  bridal hair and makeup. For makeup, I've hired the amazing Audrey Crandell, but I haven't quite found the perfect hair stylist. I'm planning to keep my hair and makeup elegant, sophisticated, and not too fussy. I know I want a hair comb, so for hair, I'm loving vintage-inspired updos, with some movement. I'm also finding myself drawn to makeup with dark (but still natural-looking) eyes, and kissable lips. (And obviously, I'd like to look like a celebrity. Please and thank you.) Here are some of my favorites.

*Please don't ask my fiance Mark about bridal headpieces or he may have a complete breakdown...sorry honey! Pretty sure that I have looked at thousands at this point!

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