Bridal Trend | The Slit Wedding Dress

Let's be honest ladies, wedding dress shopping is one of the best parts of being a bride. The trouble is, after trying a zillion white-ish ballgown dresses on, a girl may start to crave some individuality. In response to that feeling, I have three words for you - Slit. Wedding. Dress.

Photo via  Tec Petaja

Photo via Tec Petaja

Let's stop and consider this concept for a second, shall we? 


  •  You get to show off your fab designer shoe.
  • Less fabric means you'll actually stay cool on your wedding day. 
  •  You'll be dance floor ready with all that extra leg room. 
  • You're gonna look stinking amazing!


  •  none - slit dress it is!

Now that I've convinced you with my bullet proof reasoning, see below for some inspiration and get shopping!

Photo via  Heart and Colour
Photo via  One Fab Day

Photo via One Fab Day