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This week I attempted my first concrete steps towards wedding planning and started the daunting process of finding a venue. I sat down and tried to picture what my wedding day would look like, only to find that I have wedding ADD. By that I mean, I can't focus on one scenario. I bounce back and forth between picturing a modern industrial spot, to an outdoor location with scenic views, and everywhere in between. 

I think this process is so hard for me because, as much as I really care where we get married, part of me knows that it doesn't really matter. I know that when our wedding day finally arrives, I really wont care so much about where I'm standing because I'll be so focused on who I'm standing with. That being said however, I'd really like to make our wedding day amazing for my fiance and there is where the challenge lies. 

Seeing that he's a male, it can be really hard to pull a definite opinion out of him. After hours of Pinterest-ing, I've finally pinned down our top three venue possibilities. Keeping in mind that we would ideally like to have our entire wedding in one spot - here is what we came up with...


I for one love industrial style weddings. You can create a clean and simple look, if the space is cool enough it wont require a lot or sprucing up, and EXPOSED BRICK. Need I say more? 

On top of all that I can have a nice, weather free, indoor ceremony. This will not only grantee my hair and makeup will be photo-ready, but it also means I can book an off-season wedding. Score!

Photo via  Go Light

Photo via Go Light

Views, views, views!

This option may not have as many perks as our indoor industrial idea but, who doesn't love a good view? We honestly don't care if it's a cityscape or a rolling hillside, as long as the location has that "wow factor", we're in!

Photo via  Joseph Willis

Photo via Joseph Willis

family tree

We have always loved the symbolism of getting married in front of a big beautiful tree. We love the idea of 'putting down roots" and so forth. From the start of our planning process this has been an option that we've thrown back and forth and I still love it. The trouble here is I'm super picky about the tree and have yet to find the perfect one for our big day. 

As you can see, we still have a long way to go in our planning process. Tony and I have A TON of site visits scheduled this month so we will keep you posted on our progress. We figure once we check out some of these venue styles in person, we'll have a better idea of the direction we want to go.

If you have any northern California venue recommendations let us know because the hunt is officially on!