Bridal Blogger Alisha | Priority Planning

As I've mentioned, the fiance and I are having a bit of a rough go when it comes to planning our wedding. We are working with a modest budget but have pretty high expectations and it's been difficult to decide what's worth the splurge and where to save. After weeks of getting nowhere with our planning process, I finally decided to take action. I realized we needed to set priorities for our wedding and concentrate on what matters most to us as a couple.  Here's what we did...

I wrote a list of wedding related events, goods, and so on. I covered everything from our attire to the venue itself. The list looked something like this...

 attire       food       photography       venue      music

 decor      cake      videography       flowers     favors

Then we each took turns picking our number one priority.

I was actually surprised by my fiances pick! He said that the venue was the most important part of the wedding to him - particularly the ceremony site. He even went as far to say that he would be happy with a champagne reception as long as the ceremony site was amazing! I would have never guessed. 

For my pick I went with the music. I want to make sure our friends and family have a good time and dance the night away. A good DJ is a must for me. 

Finally, we picked one last item together and once again my future husband surprised me! We easily agreed on attire for our third highest ranking priority. The reason being, this is the one time I'm ever going to be able to wear a wedding dress.  I really want to seize the moment and take full advantage of my one day as a bride. Luckily for me, Tony agree's so fancy dress - here i come!

This little exercise may seem silly but it's been so helpful! It's really helped put Tony and I on the same page which, in turn, makes it easier for us to move forward with the planning process. I feel like we're a little bit closer to the big day and I can't wait! 

If you're a fellow indecisive bride, try this little trick out and tell me what you think!