Bridesmaids Surprise Balls

Bridesmaids Surprise Ball 1 copy When I decided who I was going to ask to stand up next to me on my big day, I also knew I wanted to do something fun to ask them all together. So, the first day we went out to try on gowns, I made sure they could all be available, even my best friend from when I was four who lives in Utah - we skyped her in to the bridal salon. Inspired by Megan's Surprise Ball project, I decided to put together these fun little bundles, and had them all open them together. Here’s what I did:

Bridesmaids Surprise Ball 5

First, I picked a roll of pre-cut crepe paper streamer (different color for each girl), an assortment of small trinkets, and a couple fun things to write on (I chose puzzle pieces). Plus a pen, some washi tape, and stickers.

Bridesmaids Surprise Ball 4

I wrote the important question on a series of puzzle pieces.

Then comes the fun part, you get to start rolling everything together. I chose to alternate the fun trinkets with the puzzle piece question marks. Wrap the crepe streamer tightly around the first object until its completely concealed. Then, use a piece of washi tape to attach your puzzle piece (or whatever else you're using). Remember that the girls will be opening in the opposite order that you wrap, so you need to insert the words in backward order.

Bridesmaids Surprise Ball 6






Keep on wrapping, adding fun things and your question as you go

Bridesmaids Surprise Ball 3


I found that one full streamer roll was perfect length for the items I showed above. Once I got to the end, I finished it off with a couple cute heart stickers from Knot + Bow.

Bridesmaids Surprise Ball 2 copy

I handed out each one of these to each girl (I had pre-mailed one to the gal out of state), and had them all open at the same time. By the time they got to the last question mark, everyone was buried in streamers and laughing, it was a riot! They all said yes (I'm a lucky gal!) and it was a fun moment to remember, certainly.