Completing the Look {Finding the Perfect Accessory}

I am so excited to be blogging every week until our January wedding!  Since we are about 2.5 months away from the big day, the very big items like venue, dj, photographer and florist are all completed and now it is all about the details.  The details really can be overwhelming but we are trying to just have fun!

I am currently loving the idea of adding an extra special accessory to my "bridal look".  My fiancé, Eric, has been amazing through the planning process and I truly think he has great taste (He likes to remind me all the time that he is the one who picked out our wedding invitations).  We have made every decision together as a team except my dress which is why I am so excited for our first look.  Eric has no idea what my dress looks like or any details of my "look" for the day.
Some ideas I am currently obsessed with:
I love how you can tie in one of your wedding colors by just slipping on a cardigan!
Bride in Cardigan
Seriously in love with this sequin cardigan/jacket look!
Sequin Cardigan Bride
Hair Bling
The headband and the chic!
Bridal Headband
I love this look.  It reminds me of a more subtle take on Anne Hathaway's headpiece.
Wedding Head Piece
Personalized Rings
Your engagement ring and wedding band will still be center stage with these delicate bands.  I love how you can stack them and they would be a great bridesmaid gift too! (Plus they are only $35!)
Yes Ring
Would you wear any of these accessories on your big day?