Our Tasting Appointment

My posts here began with one thing on my mind, dessert. So, you can imagine how excited I was for our food / cake tasting appointment! Great tasting food is very important to us, especially on our wedding day! We are a having buffet style dinner of yummy Italian food. Not only is our chef very talented, but he uses some of the best local ingredients. One amazing thing about living in the agricultural center of California is that we are  provided with lots of amazing vegetables for each of our dishes. We had the pleasure of tasting all three of the dishes we'll be serving and some amazing bread sticks.

The bread sticks were ridiculously good, lots of flavor and flaky but also soft.  (I know you're thinking, bread sticks? Big whoop, Ash. But I implore you, these rival those of Olive Garden and I could feast on those for years.) The first dish was an angel hair pasta with fresh roasted tomato, capers and goat cheese (not pictured, I ate this much too quickly). The second dish was fettuccine with roasted vegetables, and thirdly fancy mac n' cheese. Honestly, the mac n ' cheese was my favorite with provolone and smoked white cheddar it was delicious comfort food done right.

Source: Frosted Cakery

We were able to also try several different cupcakes, though we already know we love the cupcakes from our baker, Frosted Cakery. From left to right, salted caramel, chocolate chip cream cheese, snicker doodle, and vanilla bean raspberry. We ultimately decided on the last three and possibly the salted caramel for the cake for the Mister and I to cut at our reception.

Source: Frosted Cakery

Though we did taste our cupcakes at the same meeting as our food, we had a separate meeting to figure out what we actually wanted our cake to look like and the details of our desserts. Above is a loose vision of what we'll be going for. I wanted everything to be spread out and also keep with our overall theme.

What do you think about the layout? How important is/was food to you for your wedding?

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