Head Piece Headache

It's been a while since I felt as clueless as I do right now about anything related to wedding planning. I consider myself a pretty savvy Googler, but I just can't sort this one out despite my endless nights of Googling. I remember when I started blogging for E&I, I had so many questions, and you guys have been so awesome about helping me out! Well, I really need your help today, as I'm completely at a loss about something. WHERE IN THE WORLD CAN YOU TRY ON A VEIL?!

Nordica Photography

So... here's been my experience: My dress fittings are so short, there's no time to try on veils and accessories at the bridal shop. Then when I look at any of the veils or headpieces online, they all seem to be made to order, and non-returnable. So really, how am I supposed to decide what to wear on my head if I can't try it on with my dress??

  top left: Jo Barnes; top right: Grey Likes Weddings, Johanna Johnson headpiece; bottom: Nomad Styling

I really don't want to spend the money on any of these things if I can't return them. Then, say I go into a bridal salon to try on accessories, I can't possibly bring in my dress with me so I can see the whole look. So what's a girl (me) to do?

  top left: BHLDN; top right: Lo Boheme, Katie Neal Photo; bottom: Doloris Petunia

How did you decide on your veil or hair jewelry? Do you have any shops or designers you can recommend? Please help me! I am at a complete loss.