{welcome bags}

Let's talk about welcome bags. Since we have family and friends traveling from all over the country to be in Long Beach on our special day I think it's appropriate to leave a welcome with a personal note & bag full of goodies to show our appreciation. I found a helpful list from The Knot that gives suggestions on what to put in your welcome goodie bag. I am all about the personal touches. Here are some ideas I think I may incorporate into my welcome bag:

Local postcards & a vintage map of Los Angeles! (I like how a personal welcome note was wrapped around the postcards!)

photo credit: Intimate Weddings & Etsy

I'd also like to have custom totes that our guests could reuse. I'm envisioning something with a map of southern California, or perhaps something sweet and simple like these:

photo credit: Intimate Weddings &  Style Unveiled

photo credit: Wedding ChicksEtsy

This tote (above) can be custom made! Photo credit: Ruffled Blog

Here's the tutorial on how to DIY!

Some other items I plan on adding to this bag are Advil ;-) snacks, magazine, transportation info, wedding itinerary, bottled water, and perhaps a burned CD of our favorite tunes.

What are your thoughts on welcome bags? Are you planning on giving one to your guests, or are you going to keep it simple and just leave them a sweet welcome note & itinerary? Feel free to comment and leave tips/advice!