Personalized Hand-Lettered Mugs by Wandersketch

I'm loving these mugs SO much. The hand-lettering is so perfect. This is definitely going on my must-buy list. Wandersketch is an awesome Esty shop with a variety of hand-drawn dishware including plates, bowls and of course, these amazing mugs. I am definitely keeping these in mind for upcoming weddings as well, such an awesome gift for the couple!


While looking for favor inspiration I came across these and was os inspired by the possibilities. How amazing would these be as favors for your guests? Of course it is kind of a toss-up if guests will want a mug with your initials and the wedding date on it, but as a gift, I have to say, this is pretty amazing. And for those special people in your life, this would be a gift they would love to have.

They are kind of on the pricey side, but if you don't want to splurge on your favors, this is a fun gift for your wedding party or close family.


Aren't you guys loving these? So beautiful.