Who Says They Need to Match?

By now, it is no secret that I adore pink and no matter which color palette we choose, pink will play a part! That being said, lets talk bridesmaids, shall we? As I've mentioned before, Dan and I decided to have a long-ish engagement (15 months). We've been engaged for just about a year now, and we've accomplished a lot in that time: the reception venue, church, photographer, and music, just to name a few, but with less than 6 months to go, I haven't been able to decide on a bridesmaids dress. My friends like to tease me that I blog about weddings but manage to be so behind when planning my own. In my defense- I maintain that I am not behind, merely meticulous about every detail and decision because I blog about weddings. They assured me they had faith, but I know, they were concerned. Since I had a clear vision of how I wanted the flowers to look, I decided to start there.

The vision:

one, two

I also knew I didn't want everyone in the same dress. I want my girls to look great and appear somewhat natural so I wanted to give them (some) control over what they will be wearing.

 This is not the best example of the style I am going for, but I just love how fun this photo is! Photo Credit 

I love the idea of letting the girls choose their own dress, all from different designers and stores, but I worried they would not look cohesive enough. I also didn't want to offend anyone if I didn't like their choice so I decided to go with one designer and color and let each girl choose her own style. I made an appointment to see some dresses with a few of my girls and explained what I was looking for. We started trying some things on and surprisingly, everyone fell in love with the same designer, Amsale. So, it was decided- short, crinkled chiffon Amsale dresses in blush. The best part of the line we chose is that there are so many choices, literally more than 50, so each of my girls will be able to choose something that complements their own style while still staying true to my vision. Even my athletic, dress-hating, stunt actress bridesmaid approves (and even kind of likes) the dresses we found.

Here are a few photos I found of the dresses. In the examples, the dresses are the long version of the dress (we will be having them cut short) but you get the idea.

one, two

*What do you think? Too much pink? Don't worry...I can take it : ) Matching bridesmaids? Yay or Nay?