The Elusive White Ink

Somewhere along the way I fell in love with white font. Unsurprisingly (hello blonde), it took me a while to sort out that you can't actually print white ink on a printer. Too late. I was in love. Nothing more I could do about it. There are a few ways to get white ink, and all of them are either super expensive or super labor intensive. But they all turn out GORGEOUS! So I must have it. And seeing as I don't sleep on a pile of money, this means that we need to go the labor intensive DIY route.

There are a few ways to achieve the white ink look. You can use letterpress, but I've heard that the white never tuns out that bright. So a better option if you have the room in your budget is engraving.

You can also use foil stamping, which turns out beautifully, but isn't exactly the most affordable option.


You can also screen print your white text, which is a nice little (or big) DIY project! Or you can pay someone else to do it and keep some of your hair. It makes the white really pop, and gives it a nice vintage feel.

You can also have custom rubber stamps made and hand stamp all of your invites, like Michael and Tim here did (way to set the bar high, guys). Isn't this stunning?!

And you can always incorporate white ink on the envelopes or in places inside the invite with a white pen. I wish I had handwriting this beautiful!

Sources: engraving, foil stamping, screen printing 1 & 2, stamps, pen

We decided to go with the screen printing option, because we really like the look of paint on paper. So now that I've finally agreed to be done with the design, we're in the process of attempting to screen print all of our Save the Dates. And with all of the experience we have (i.e. NONE), this should be easy! We're hoping to finish these up in the next couple of weeks, so I'll have some photos and updates for you in the coming weeks.

Have any of you worked with white ink? Or have you screen printed your own invites? Am I going to hate myself by the end of this? I'd love to hear from you!

I could really use some words of wisdom and encouragement before embarking on this daunting DIY :)