A Beach Engagement by Carlie Statsky

Carlie Statsky is one of those photographers that could never do wrong in my eyes. Every single shoot impresses me more and more. And seeing as she shoots a lot of Holman Ranch weddings, I know when something is just so unique and different and awesome. She has this ability to make everything more beautiful and captures some of the best shots I have personally ever seen. And now, enough about the fabulous photographer and let's talk about this beachy engagement session. It is refreshing to see such beautiful imagery without props to make the photos "interesting". This couple, just wearing white tees, are so beautiful and so in love, you just can't stop staring. Take a good long look through these images as they just keep getting better and better.

View more of Carlie's work on her website! Thanks so much to the happy couple and to Carlie for allowing me to feature these images.