Asking My Dream Team

I'll be honest – I was pretty nervous about asking my bridal party (or “Dream Team” which I think better describes this group of women!) to be in my wedding. Being in someone’s wedding is a big commitment. It’s time, money and labor intensive. So I wanted to ask them in a way that they knew I wasn’t taking this lightly. But I also didn’t want it to be too time, money or labor intensive for me either! After scouring the internet, I came across an article about Dylan Lauren’s bridal shower and loved the little favors that were given out to guests.

Credit: Ring Box

I thought this would be a great favor to propose with to my bridal party! After several hours (yes several hours) looking for the boxes online, visiting a few different Walgreen’s to find Ring Pops, and buying some ribbon to put around the box (this project turned out to be a little more time intensive than I thought!) I began my little craft project. Thankfully I ordered more boxes than I needed because getting the ring to stay inside the box was more challenging than I expected (I will reiterate, I am NOT Martha Stewart). But after several unsuccessful attempts, I finally got it down.

I also wanted to include a cute note card so I could write individual notes to each friend expressing exactly why I wanted them in my bridal party. I wanted something fun and slightly irreverent. For me, the word “bridesmaid” is a bit antiquated and stuffy. So I wanted to find something that added some levity to this years-old tradition. So off to Etsy I went.

I loved the gold elements of this card and the playful prose. But I hadn’t 100% decided on the bridesmaid dresses (post to come on this!), so I didn’t want to make any promises I couldn’t keep.

Credit: Note Card

I also loved this card and that you could customize hair color.

Credit: Note Card

But I have eight bridesmaids, and this card limited it to six.

Finally, I came across this one and loved it.

Credit: Note Card

It has the beautiful gold font and envelopes (gold is one of our colors). And I loved the slightly irreverent tone – perfect to add some levity to my mission (it comes in both lavender and pink!).

And here is the end product.

I found some gold bags and replaced the handles with a more appropriate ribbon (it came with bright yellow) and put the ring boxes inside.

Again, nothing big, just a fun little favor to give to these women who mean so much to me.

Thankfully, everyone said yes! And I truly feel like I will have the most amazing Dream Team standing by my side on my wedding day. I know they will make me laugh when I am on the verge of a meltdown or keep me calm when I am stressing about something ridiculous. I couldn’t imagine my day without them!

How did you ask your Dream Team? Please share below - I am dying to know!