Baby, let's go to Vegas!

I am at the point in my wedding planning where I have crossed a few big things off the list (man, venue, dress, date, food...) but seem to have so much more to do (bridesmaids dresses, nail down decor, flowers, guest list, invitations...)! This daunting list has me thinking maybe I should have eloped! That and the fact that it is freezing where I live and all these pictures are in tropical locations!

top 2, left, right

I know that in the end the work will be worth it. We will have a beautiful wedding with all of our favorite people and many amazing memories to start off our married lives. What about you- did you ever think of eloping? Why did you decide to go with a wedding? What daunting tasks are your procrastinating? Or if you are eloping, what problems arose with the planning? Why did you decide to elope? Either way, remember that the big day is about you are your fiance. So even if you are having a 500 person wedding, try to take out a few minutes just for the two of you!