Gifts for the Girls.

Ever since seeing these gorgeous robes from Plum Pretty Sugar featured here I've been obsessing about getting them or something similar for my 'maids and me to get ready in.  Aren't they pretty?!

It has also got me thinking more and more about what other gifts I could give my girls as a "thank you" for playing such an important role not only in my wedding but in my life in general.  I want to get them something they'll love, something unique and something unexpected.  I've only been in one wedding but received some fun gifts (blinged out Havaianas to wear at the reception, a personalized &  hand-painted wine glass, a bracelet to wear for the wedding and a necklace).  However, as cute as the gifts were, I don't want to repeat any since half of my bridesmaids were also in the same wedding ;)

Credits: jewelry rollsnecklacesday planners

Some of my picks for possible gifts are above.  I am trying to stay away from items that can only be used for the wedding.  Coming up with ideas has been harder than I thought!  So ladies, help me out.  Have you started planning gifts for your girls?  Have you set a budget?  Ever been a bridesmaid and received a gift that you loved? Or maybe one that you didnt love so much (it's okay, we wont tell....).