Food Truck Phenom

First, let me just say that looking up photos of food trucks while eating the delicious dinner my fiancé made and enjoying a glass of wine is fantastic. Almost as fantastic as eating a delicious dinner and enjoying a glass of wine with my fiancé AT a food truck, but hopefully we'll get to do that next year. Second, I promise I'm not a hipster, but I love food trucks. They give me a warm, cozy feeling like you know it's a bunch of good friends getting together and chowing down. I mean, we all know food trucks are no longer the slimy, fatty, grease trucks with some vague semblance of Mexican food anymore. Now they're AWESOME!

It's quickly becoming a wedding trend to have a food truck at your reception to give it that backyard, home-cooked feeling that's better than dad wearing an apron and standing around the barbecue all day.

We aren't able to have a food truck at our wedding because our venue comes with an amazing organic farm-to-table caterer. While that fits one side of us perfectly, that other side of us loves greasy, delicious food truck food! So the compromise? We're planning on having a food truck for the rehearsal dinner.

Doesn't that look so inviting?

Seabirds in Los Angeles is one of my favorites

The girl below hired three food trucks for her 110 person wedding. How much did it cost her? $3,580.

Dessert trucks or mobile bars are also a really fun idea!

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Of course there are lots of restrictions to be aware of before hiring a food truck. Permits, permission, curb clearance, and potential lines are all something to consider. But hey, if you can do it, DO IT.

I am patiently waiting for the amazing No Worries Filipino vegan cuisine team to make their transition into the food truck world. Common guys!

Have any of you used a food truck for your wedding? Have you been to a wedding that featured a food truck? How was it?