Mini Pies + Mini Pie Makers {Awesome}

I was so so obsessed with making mini pies for my wedding. I wanted to have little pie favors for each guest seeing as I am a major pie maker and obsessor. The reason I switched from pies to jam near the end of the planning was because of the logistics. I really couldn't figure out how to make 100 mini pies a few days before the wedding and have it actually work out, not to mention look good! So my excitement of the day came when I found this little thing that would literally solve my problems. (Good thing I am 6 months late in finding this and the wedding has long past. Maybe for the vow-renewal?)

First, I will show some of my faves in the pie department. I can't get enough.

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So why am I so excited? Because this little $25 mini pie maker device would have saved me lots and lots of trouble and maybe I would have actually gone through with my original plans! A mini-pie maker! AHHHH. I'm in love. Or you could go with the Breville Mini Pie Maker version found at William Sonoma for $99.

Oh and if you are a fan of mini pies on a stick (and who isn't a fan of mini-mini pies!) They even have something to make that job a WHOLE lot easier.

Mini pie-on-a-stick maker!

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