We Are Expanding :: Be Part Of It

After two years of doing it all myself, I am ready to invite in a few special people to the Engaged & Inspired group.

This little thing started when I got engaged and has expanded to include a vendor guide with over 1,000 vendors, a a small group of services, and an physical location known as Inspired Collective. This growth has allowed me to make my dream of working for myself a reality for the past year +. And though I totally love every second I feel like my blog is laking the one thing that it started with....a real bride planning a wedding! So if any of you brides out there have ever been interested in blogging your way to the alter, now is your chance.

BRIDES: To be considered for this position please send over an inspiration board of your wedding and a little bit about yourself and your wedding (how far along, venue, vendors, plans, etc.) 

EXPERT BLOGGER: If you aren't a bride, don't worry, we have a position for you as well! We need some insight from the experts and those with great style. You don't even have to be a wedding-specific bloggers (I have some awesome ideas to make it all work). To be considered for this position, send over an inspiration board that you feel best describes you and taps into your creativity. As well as who you are and why you are awesome!

SALES WIZARD: Lastly, we are in need of an uber savvy sales wizard. Inspired Guide has over 1,000 vendors partaking in our wonderful vendor guide, but we need someone who can crank those numbers up like never before. The pay is commission-based, but the percentage is pretty well worth it. I don't have a ton of must-have's because I don't care if you went to college or have much experience. I really do feel that if you have the passion for it, you will drive yourself from there. But in the interest of the obvious, I have listed a small list. Our goal is to really help to connect brides with vendors that fit their criteria. We want all of them to do really well and help to do so any way we can.

  • A love for sales
  • Passion for the wedding industry
  • Experience or at least interest in working with vendors

E-mail your resume's, inspiration boards and info to littlemissengaged@gmail.com titling the position you are interested in scooping up!

Thanks a million for the past few years!