Crisis Averted {and} One Week!

Yesterday was quite the day in terms of disasters! But as of this morning all of them are basically under control. 1 week people! 1 WEEK! I have decided, as far as the videography goes, that I am just going to get someone to shoot the wedding while also having Flip cameras, people's personal video cameras, etc. and from all that, my friend can put it all together in a nice little video for us to enjoy. True, it is not the glorious video that we all see on the blogs, but from what many of you have said, it just really isn't as worth it as you think. Crisis averted there. And we still get to have the rehearsal dinner :)

Today's decision revolves around the bridesmaid dresses. The others have been returned and we are back to square one. I love the idea of white textured dresses, but I think my dress may be a bit too textured for that to look good. So, plain it is. I am still thinking cream though. Either way I need to make a decision ASAP.

And just so you are all aware of who was going to be our videographer, it was Elysium Productions who has some incredible work.