Rehearsal Dinner vs Videography.... Just Sayin {and} White Bridesmaids

Holy Moly! Little intro is needed due to the fact that I am sure eveyone knows by now that with 9 days left, things are getting a little nutso. 

First off: I don't have all the table cloths I need. We have about 6 lace table, if you live in SF or the Bay Area somewhere and you have like 5 lace table cloths, and want to lend/rent them to me, I'll be your BFF.

The bridesmaid outfits are in question as of now. I think we are doing white (which is turn changes the ENTIRE BM bouquet situation). I'm thinking white bridesmaids simply because it seems to be the smartest option in terms of what we can get on short notice. By white, I mean a sort of white/cream situation. Lace would be incredible. Here are a few I picked out so far.

Credit: lulu's, lulu's, lulu's, lulu's, lulu's, lulu's

All those are well under $100 (which is nice) and these are increds, although a little more on the pricey side.

Credit: Asos, Asos

And lastly but not least, the videographer. Oh the videographer. I was planning on Craigslisting a shooter then giving it to a very talented editor I know and having him do it. For like $300 you can't beat that.

Although, I know what you are all thinking, eww. Don't worry I am too.

Yes I basically live and breathe weddings, but I am also a girl on a budget that plans to stick to it and be practical about all of this. Weddings are crazy. Since it is one day it is so easy to spend and spend and spend forever until you are basically out of money. I have been very smart up until now. Everything has been budgeted for, nothing is on credit cards, everyone was paid in full months before they needed to be. I am on the money aspect. But this last week is getting out of control will all the last minute "have-to-haves."

So now this is my thought process, videographer or rehearsal dinner? I know it's totally horrible but I am not a massive fan of the rehearsal dinner, especially when I could spend that money on something like a wedding video that I would have forever! Something that would show friend and family moments, speeches, and everything we are doing!

I know that many people would be very unhappy to hear such a thing....and I doubt his parents would even seriously consider yanking the rehearsal dinner, but a wedding video definitely trumps an hour worth of dinner. Just saying!

So, I have to figure that out. And I would love your input. If you did do videography, was it worth it? If you didn't, do you wish you just has SOMETHING or do you wish you had the epic video? I might want to make it known that I have paid for a lot of this wedding, so my main concern is that it is my money that I could be saving for futures, babies, etc. See?

Also, white BM dresses? I know I opened this up on Twitter a little bit, but thoughts here would be nice :) Especially now that you can see what type of "white" I am thinking.