Lesson Learned {and} A Totally Real Wedding at Holman Ranch

I feel like the need to write the countdown number daily these days. 9 days. Ok, now time to download a small part of my mind right here. I learn something new every day, go figure. Last night I was freaking out for many different reasons (maybe because I have a wedding coming up in 9 days??). I somehow began looking at Holman Ranch weddings. I don't quite suggest looking at weddings done at your venue so close to the wedding, but I will say that waking up this morning, I had a realization of sorts. First, I will post the wedding that was done at Holman Ranch by Carlie Statsky that led me to all these new ideas.

So what did looking at this wedding 100 times teach me? Well often times the only photos of wedding that you see are saturated in details, and gorgeous ones at that. I don't find anything wrong with that, and actually I quite love it. But, it tends get you strayed away from something far far more important. The way in which Carlie captured this wedding was totally different. She captured moments, guests, people having a good time, and love. You can see feeling, emotion, love and SO much fun during this wedding.

After seeing this wedding I realized how detailed focused everything has been that I haven't even pictured where guests go! I then thought about all the amazing friends we have that are coming up from Los Angeles and flying in from New York and Boston. These are all people I haven't gotten to spend all that much time with since high school or small trips.

I am really good at learning lessons when it is almost too late. But (and I know people have been telling me this) essentially nothing else will matter once I get to see all these people showing support and love while Ian and I finally make it all official. :)  And seeing as this love started in 2002, it has been a long time coming.

And if it hasn't already been said, I am basically in love with Carlie Statsky as of now, for capturing real moments and real love. She would totally be my girl if I didn't already have two (totally amazing) photographers! Oh and OMG that bride is gorgeous.

Planner: http://www.coastsidecouture.com/