Let's Here It For The Vendors {and} A Goodbye

Ok the wedding is fast approaching. I am feeling a little bit of everything right now, seriously. It's all mixed into one big fat giant ball of emotion. This has been a totally amazing year and a half. I started Engaged & Inspired January of 2010 with absolutely no idea what the wedding would be like. So, it is pretty safe to say that you all have seen this thing develop from start to finish, right here on this blog. Over the past year and a half I have been through the ups and been through the downs (such as the venue fiasco). I have always been able to count on you guys to be there to pull me out and get me on track again. That along with the amazing e-mails I get from readers, the wonderful support I get from bloggers, and the great people I have been able to meet through this journey. I am so lucky to have had the support and company of you all. I am so happy that I have been able to share this process with you all and that you all have welcomed me with open arms.

I need to take a moment here to give it up for some of my uber-amazing vendors that will be there Friday to finally make this day a reality.

THE VENUE: Holman Ranch

This was by far the toughest process for me, but in the end I found the most amazingly perfect spot to host the wedding of my dreams. Nestled in Carmel Valley, Holman Ranch was everything I wanted from the outdoor backyard feel, to the barn and even the firepits.

THE PHOTOGRAPHERS: Jason + Anna Photography

After meeting these two at Lizzie's wedding (and becoming fast friends) it was evident that we were their's as well. Since that time, they have done some incredible work and become even more amazing than they already are. Not having them there would be like not having our friends there. Needless to say, there is no one we would have rather had there to shoot our big day besides them.

THE FLORIST: Floral Theory (Wildflower Event Florals)

Yasmin of Floral Theory is one of those people that you just trust with your wedding life. She knows her stuff, and she makes everything look amazing. I am so excited that she is going to be there on our big day. And any time you feel the need for a florist, she is definitely your gal!

THE PLANNER: Shannon Leahy Events

Shannon Leahy was one of those pipe dream vendor crushes that I have had forever. I never thought she would be the planner for my very wedding, but I am so incredibly happy that she is. If there is anyone that has had to deal with me being crazy, setting my sights to high, and going through the stress of this whole thing, it is her. But she never says no and just makes it happen. Totally incredibly both as a company and as a person, Shannon is the best planner/designer I could ever ask for.

VINTAGE RENTALS: Milkglass Vintage Rentals

This was a slightly last minute decision, but Milkglass agreed to help out with the wedding with open arms. In the past few weeks she has not only taken ridiculous amounts of stress off my plate, she has been incredible to work with and has actually made this wedding better than I could imagine.


There are many many other people that have helped out with this wedding and will be there to strut their stuff and show their magic in making this day possible. There are also numbers of people including Etsy sellers and locals that have contributed to making this the totally unique and personalized wedding I wanted.

Thank you for all your amazing support during the process! I am signing off as of now to finish up all the last minute deets and logistics before the big day. Then, Ian and I will be off to Australia and New Zealand to galavant around as a newly married couple.

You will be left in incredibly good hands while I am gone with some fantastic guest bloggers and some amazing real weddings in the pipeline. I will be back at the end of April and Engaged & Inspired will continue on to inspire more and more brides for their upcoming weddings.

Goodbye for now! When I return I will be Mrs. Silber :)