A Walk In The Woods {and} A Surprise Proposal

Ian gave me access to my sidebar last night. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but for me, it totally is. So, I spent the wee hours of last night making, re-making and re-making yet again, a bunch of fun stuff for the sidebar. I unfortunately don't have all day to spend doing this, so it is not done, but it is getting there....so excuse my sidebar today! I am doing an overall clean-up and organization process, taking a ridiculously close look at the google analytics since the beginning, to make sure the blog is the best it can be. What can I say, it is my baby, and I love it. That will followed by a facelift at some point, when Ian is not as busy. (He is doing just as many things as I am...so it will probably be a while.)

Ok now onto the post for today. It is quite simple, I LOVE proposal stories. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside and I cry more often than not. And this one is no different.

And how cute is it to go out on a walk with your love and have it turn into a super cute proposal!

From Danielle Capito Photography, "Trevor had contacted me to be there to shoot the proposal so my boyfriend (& second shooter) headed up the coastline to be there to capture this great moment! Trevor had gone up earlier that week and took a picture of himself holding a sign saying "will you marry me." On the day, he swapped out memory cards and showed her the camera. As she looked at the picture of him, he got down on one knee and asked away!!"

Photographer: Danielle Capito Photography submitted via Two Bright Lights.