Crafting It Up {and} A New Fashion Obsession

3 weeks and counting and unfortunately I can't say that I doing the best right now. There are certain things that I am not happy about (and further basically in tears over) but the reasons for which are far more than you signed up for by reading this blog post so we won't go into that any further. I think it sums it up perfectly just by saying that the point when I am under much stress is not really a great time for the shit to hit the fan, but such is life. So here are my updates as I close in on the final weeks before the wedding.

This past weekend was major crafting central, from tables numbers and favors to signs and escort cards ( and literally everying in between) the girls and I got SO much done. They are such good little workers.

We even got a little extra help from a very productive little kitty.

On another subject, I have a totally new obsession with small handbags. Recently (and maybe it is because I am starting to obsess over finding the perfect future diaper bag) I have been loving the idea of an over the shoulder bag. It just seems so convenient.  And as far as traveling goes, I want something small to keep the important stuff for outings in Australia as opposed to lugging around the 10 pound bags I am used to. I picked up this little Marc Jacobs number and I already LOVE it. I can't seem to keep it off my shoulder.

There are so many other fantastic clutches in season right now. The colors and designs of any of these give any outfit a little pop. Love.

These and more at Nordstrom

Lastly but definitely not least, I am seriously missing the one person who would always listen to my mid-life chrisis moments, totally understood everything I would say and always make me feel better. I would probably feel a hell of a lot better if I could just get it all off my chest.