Etsy Wedding Round-Up

I don't often have much luck searching for anything on Etsy, but somehow this time I felt like I struck gold. I found so many adorable little details that would be perfect for any wedding. I even saved a few to purchase later :)

1. Mr. and Mrs Signs: I love the "I'm her Mr." "I'm his Mrs." signs. Talk about totally cute!

2. Floral Belt: Next up are a few floral details that really rev up the wedding day look such as this blush pink belt.

3. Paper Pom Poms: Seeing as it all has to go in style, those purple and blush pink paper pom poms are the perfect addition.

4. Print: Now I don't consider myself in any way shape or form to be a font geek. In fact, I am rather the opposite, aka. I have one font that I like and that is my default for anything and everything. (ask Ian, srsly, he hates that I do that.....but typography is his thing, not mine.) But that little eye chart sign which happens to say "I love waking up next to you every morning." Now that, I want.

5. Burlap Bag Favors: Lastly, a perfect favor. Stamped burlap bags. Honestly that last sentence couldn't  have had more of my favorite words in it. I love stamps, I love burlap and I love bags (although I can never find enough things to put in little bags like this.)

And there you have it, my Etsy round up of the century. I am definitely going to buy a few details for the wedding based off of this board, although I am not sure what will go where yet, no surprise there, my biggest problem ever is deciding what to put where.