Shoes For The Big Day

I don't have a specific direction for my shoes, although you can sort of see a pattern for what I am looking for with these selections below. Basically I can pick any color I want, and I want something punchy. These are some of the selections I have picked out so far. Some have their pros and cons, but basically all are in the running. The top left one is a Valentino love of mine, and the one next to it is a Fendi really-close-to-the-love-of-mine look....with a price tag of about $200 cheaper. (Still coming in at the $400 range though.) Those two slingbacks are totally fun and totally cute. The leader of the pack right is probably the bottom right Kate Spade slingback. I am not normally a fan of this backing but I'll allow it. The heels look super short but it turns out they are still about 5 inches. That's a good thing. I hate low heels.

And if you are wondering why I am cheating on the love of my life, those pink patent leather Louboutins, well, basically I would like to not spend about $1,000 on shoes. Enough said.

And just for kicks I added this Valentino $1,500 pair of shoes at the bottom. I could have a lot of fun with these wild babes.

Check it out