There's S'More?

Just over a month until the big day arrives and I can't help but thinking how much I want this to be over with! Ok not in a bad way, but srsly, this is what people must feel like when they are 8 months pregs and just want it to be over and move onto the next step. I am so ready for the wedding day and to go to Australia. So so ready. I plan on getting every single aspect done by April 1 then maybe I will have a moment to breathe and of course time to catch up on last minute affairs.

Ok onto the juicy stuff! I am super excited about the s'more bar! I know that I probably won't eat anything, but I am still excited about all the people around the firepit roasting s'mores. It always seems to be a really fun activity for everyone. This is a totally extra little thing for people to look forward to, on top of the regular favors and cake. I'm basically fattening everyone up at this wedding! :)

Source: Project Wedding, Caroline Tran, Third