WPPI Update and A {the inspired list} Deal!

When I began blogging I really had no idea where it would lead. I now find myself at a suite in the MGM chatting it up with photogs from all over the place. And to make things even better, I actually know lots of people that are here right now. Today was a chill day for me involving about 6 miles of walking and $1 worth of gambling. I know, big spender over here. And I even got a drink while doing it. epic.

So how does this all play into Engaged & Inspired and The Inspired List. I'll tell you how. While I am living it up in Vegas (and working, since afterall, I was hired/sponsored to come out here in the first place), I am offering a WPPI discount for all you photogs AND all you other amazing florists, cake pros, make up artists, event designers, and paper designers.

So here is the little coupon/business card that I'll be giving everyone I see, but here it is online for you all as well! Enjoy this totally amazing deal. It's just totally awesome!

Go to theinspiredlist.com and sign up for a premium account right now. Type in the code for 2 months free :)

If you are here as well, I would LOVE to meet up, even for a second. I'll be updating my twitter as much as I can (the 3G sucks here! But follow me if you aren't already and talk to me if you want to meet up. :) PS: ya that is my "married" name on this design.

Photo credit: Jason & Anna Photography. Bride: Lizzie :)