Hanging Centers

Making chandeliers out of less than expected items always ends well in weddings. This chandelier look filled with flowers and mason jars fills a spot for the statement piece of the reception and remains interesting. I know you all love interesting, and this group of hanging flowers in vases is just that.

These guys are totally awesome, but I do have one issue. This is one of those projects that as cool as it looks, it will take SO much time to actually facilitate it. Aside from that, the cost to do this project, what with all the flowers and jars, could get upwards of $100. Let's just say that this is on my list of to-do's, but if I will actually do it is a whole other story. For anyone that can, or did or does, that's totally amazing and I want to seeee!

I other news I am headed to WPPI bright and early tomorrow morning. We are going for 4 days but the good news is that if something happens like all the planes in the world break down and we have to stay another week or two, I wouldn't be that upset and I have enough clothes packed in my suitcase to tide me over.

I come with good news for all you vendors out there! During the time we are in Vegas, we will be offering up a deal for all of you, and I have to say, this is the best one yet (that's what you get for having Ian pick it. I guess he is the nice one!) When you sign up for a premium account, you get 2 months free! 2 WHOLE months. That's pretty awesome.

I will announce the code tomorrow, and I have cards with codes to hand out while we are there. There is a cap on the number of people that can sign up, so if you want to go for it, I would have to tell you to go for it!

Super excited to have an amazing time in Vegas!