WPPI + Airplanes & Blazers

I just got back from WPPI. I learned so much during the four days I was there. After meeting so many amazing people, including some incredible keynote speakers, I became yet again inspired for all things wedding and all things pretty. So many things are in the works that I can't wait to roll off the pipeline. Last night was the Airplanes & Blazers party brought to us by Flashdance. I never stay up until 3:00am, especially at parties but this one could have gone on for hours more. I absolutely loved every minute of it. And if you saw a red head in a striped dress going a little crazy dancing everywhere both on and off the dance floor, and basically anywhere that had enough space for me to shake it up!

As posted a few days ago, the wppi deal is still going on! Get 2 months free on The Inspired List by using the code, "wppi".

So there you go! Back to real life and a wedding in 6 weeks!