{Vendors} Making The Most of The Inspired List

How does everyone like the new version of The Inspired List? So far these changes seem to be loved by all!

I've been looking through the site and wanted to give some pointers to all you vendors out there on how to maximize on The Inspired List.

1. If you are interested in uploading a vertical image, consider adding two together (see below) The space is there so you should go ahead and use it! Plus it looks so pretty when there are two images right next to each other.

Images are very important, picking the perfect one, and changing it every once in a while gives keeps your listing looking fresh. Just a thought.

Descriptions are also incredibly important as well! Make sure to go into "Update your company info" and add a few keen words about yourself. Then don't forget to grab the badge on the main page and add the code to your site to promote your listing. It is even designed to have YOUR photo on it. Amazing.

Hope these tips help get your profile prepared for all those wonderful brides that are browsing. Oh ya, and PS:

Plus you are listed in 4 cities! And right now we are having a massive deal. 1 year for only $180! That's 3 months of advertising for Free! More here.

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