{Makeovers and Deals} The Inspired List Take 2

The Inspired List launched under 3 months ago and since that time has been a reliable resource for brides looking for an intuitive way to search for vendors. Our goal was to create a brand new vendor guide that took the screening process and the large fees out and left brides with ample choices for every budget and style. Afterall, its YOUR wedding, right? In honor of this mini-makeover we are offering all you vendors a pretty MAJOR deal. And I really am talking major. For the next 4 days (now through Monday) we are offering all vendors 1 year on The Inspired List for only $180! That is 3 months of advertising on The Inspired List FREE! To sign up for this special offer, e-mail: allison@engagedandinspired.com

We launched the first version while having major ideas of ways to make it SO. MUCH. BETTER. While our original layout worked just fine, we wanted to create a layout that focused on each vendor one at a time. And so, we launch version 2. (While still having SO many ideas to make it better and better in the coming months. Stay tuned for those.) So here we go with the little makeover to make the site ever better. We now have over 400 vendors listed in The Inspired List and more signing up every single day.

The new design offers a cleaner view of photos, descriptions andĀ relevantĀ information for brides. Without even opening a new page brides can see all the photos, read a tidbit, find out where they are located and their typical budget.

So many more changes are to come, so stay tuned for some pretty amazing changes, partnerships, and new features! We are working as hard as possible to get this little site of ours up and running and continuously making it better and better as the days go by.

Head over the theinspiredlist.com to check out the new and improved Inspired List.

(And let's all give a massive round of applause to Ian for designing and doing all the other geeky stuff on The Inspired List. With everything I want him to do (wedding invites, our wedding site, blog re-design, and The Inspired List...to name a few. Wow, I'm pretty demanding, aren't I?) , I know that his plate is good and full, yet he never ceases to amaze me with his talent. I'm one very lucky girl for this and many many other reasons.)