Being Creative AND Giving Back. {Perfect Combo}

I've got some pretty exciting news. Steph Bubble, Alicia from Charity Wedding, Jenna from Heart Carry Press and I got together with an awesome idea which we are now opening up to all you brides, Wedding Bloggers, Twitter Peeps, etc. Basically anyone!


Each of us will contribute as many fabric flowers as we can. These will be in all different colors and patterns, all different types of flowers, etc. After receiving all the flowers, I will create 7 bouquets (Honestly, if we get a ton of people to help with this, we could potentially create 10-20 bouquets that could all be sold with money donated to charity. It's up to us how much we want to give back!)


After the wedding I'll put these on Etsy and sell them. We will choose a charity and donate all the proceeds from the bouquets to that charity.

If you are interested in contributing to this send me an e-mail I'll then send everyone an e-mail with more info, tutorials, fabric ideas, etc. etc. to make it super easy for you to contribute!